Strategic Consultation

So, you own a social enterprise, or you're a values-based entrepreneur. You know that making a difference is as important as creating wealth.
You also know that you need to create wealth so as to stay in business and make that difference.
But you may be finding it difficult to identify a business coach who understands these things. So... how about a no cost strategic consultation , to set things rolling?

Helping Social Entrepreneurs Make a Difference And Build a Strong, Sustainable Business!

Radical Coaching

Radical Coaching is built on the 2 Simple Keys to Authentic Marketing:

1. Know what you really want and who you really are;
2. Know what your market really wants and who they really are

If you communicate from your authentic self to what your market really wants and who they really are, you will position yourself as an inspirational authority and you'll begin to take your business to the next level!

Radical Coaching Book

Radical Coaching BookAfter over 30 years of coaching, I have some strong views on the subject and decided to write about them. You can find out more by clicking on Radical Coaching.
Alternatively click on Review to read what Claudia Ritter, a prominent European Coach, has to say about the book.