Hi, I’m Nic Oliver, founder of Radical Coaching, co-founder of Integrated Healing and author of “Radical Coaching.” I am the success coach for social entrepreneurs – anyone for whom making a difference comes ahead of making a profit.

However, to make a sustained difference, they need to make money and I help them to attract greater profits by following my proven 5 step blueprint for building a sustainable business, getting more wealth, increased independence and greater self-fulfillment.

For 37 years I have been involved in sports coaching and life and business coaching. During that time, while the coaching industry has changed in some ways, I have observed that the key principles of effective coaching have remained the same.

Focus on Results.

Unlike most approaches to coaching, Radical Coaching focuses on improving skills performance and on results. The methodology is just as applicable for people and small businesses as it is to sport.

I have been fortunate to have studied with some of the best business development coaches such as Brendan Burchard, Christian Mickelsen, Tony Robbins, John de Martini, Herv Ecker, Jay Abraham, Daniel Wagner and James Watson. All of them have one thing in common – they, like me, focus on results.

Greater Clarity

I recently helped one of my clients, a well-known parenting coach, to clear the log-jam in her head and gain greater clarity about her niche market. We also identified, addressed and resolved some of her most limiting beliefs about making money from coaching. Consequently, she is more enthusiastic about her business and is connecting even more powerfully with parents in her newly chosen niche.

Apart from my coaching, this lady told me that it was my book Radical Coaching that helped her the most and if you would like to read a free chapter of my book, please download it by entering your details in the form on the right of the page.

If you happen to know of anybody who could benefit from results  like the lady I mentioned above, feel free to send them to my page or contact me by e-mail.