Biggest Meditation MistakesHi! Today I want to look at the biggest mistake people make when meditating and give you some ideas on how to address it. So, the biggest mistake people make when meditating is.... trying to 'do' rather than to just 'be'. This can be a really difficult concept for people to learn, and even harder to explain in writing! The key thing is, meditation is about being, not about doing. It should unfold from within you; it should not be about taking on some externally imposed activity. It's about being who you are, not someone else's ideal you, fully present, relaxed, fully accepting of who you are at that moment. One way to practice this is to say to yourself, on the exhale..."Just be (insert your name)". So if I'm doing this exercise, I would say "Just be Nic". Another tip, borrowed from Alain and Jody Herriott, is to slow down the exhale as much as you can.  They say that, ideally, the out breath should be so slow that it would not disturb the flame of a candle. Good luck and let me know how you get on in avoiding the biggest mistake people make when meditating!

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